With the recommended time frame between roof inspections being once a year, which can be expensive and time-consuming, RJC UK believes using drones for this service would not only be more cost-effective but more time-efficient.

By using drones we eliminate the need for MEWPs or scaffolding to be used for inspections. This removes the risk from working at height for an operator. Other benefits are drones can be fitted with 4k and thermal cameras meaning data collection can be far more efficient and accurate than it would normally be.

Why Choose RJC UK?

RJC UK has operated in the industry for over 40 years and over the years we have always strived to provide the best services possible at reasonable prices. All our projects are managed by one of our qualified and experienced managers who will ensure the best standards are met on all projects.

Included Services
  • Drone Survey
  • Thermal Imaging Survey
Relevant Accreditations
  • All Operators Hold an A2 Certificate of Competence
  • General VLOS Certificate (GVC)
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