Within our Railway Hoarding Division, we fabricate, supply, install and maintain hoardings, barriers, and partitions. This includes Section 12 compliant steel and fire-rated panel systems for Underground and other Railway projects. We will provide experienced management teams and a dedicated installation workforce to ensure that our high standard is met.

We are solution providers, supplying hoardings and partition systems for many types of projects and locations, including station escalators, platforms, and areas affected by construction and building refurbishment works. We have in-house CAD capabilities as well as Solidworks which helps us to supply detailed lay-out and profile illustrations, we can also supply engineering calculations and Construction Design Statements (CDS) as required.

Over the years, we have developed a mobile protective barrier system in conjunction with a bespoke mobile scaffold platform, for use on projects with short working time durations such as station platform working.

What we can help you achieve

RJC UK Can help you make that positive influence. With the construction industry often associated with having a large industrial carbon footprint, you can opt for an eco-friendly sustainable source for all your hoarding requirements.

Included Services
  • Manufacturing, supplying, installing, and maintenance of  railway hoardings
  • Design of hoardings, barriers, and partitions to your exact requirements
  • Solidworks design for the works which demonstrates via 3D walk-around model process
  • Fireproof systems
  • Noise attenuation barriers
  • Pre-cast ballast anchor systems incorporating pre-cast retaining walls where necessary
Relevant Accreditations
  • Quality – ISO 9001 – 2015 – Cert 3986
  • Management – ISO 45001 – 2018 – Cert 3986