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Very few construction projects can be undertaken without first of all establishing a suitable barrier to protect and provide security for site access and egress. When working on locations such as a railways it becomes even more important to provide first-class site security and protection for the public, with a quality product which also reinforces a positive corporate image for our clients.

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With an experienced management team and a dedicated installation workforce, RJC UK LTD have been fabricating, supplying, installing, and maintaining hoardings, barriers, and partitions, including Section 12 compliant steel and fire rated panel systems for Underground and other Railway projects for more than 20 years.

RJC UK LTD are solution providers, supply hoarding and partition systems for many types of projects and locations, including station escalators, platforms, and areas affected by construction and building refurbishment works. RJC UK LTD also have in-house CAD capabilities enabling us to supply detailed lay-out and profile illustrations, we can also supply engineering calculations and Construction Design Statements (CDS) as required.

RJC UK LTD have also developed a mobile protective barrier system in conjunction with a be-spoke mobile scaffold platform, for use on projects with short working time durations such as station platform working.

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