Lift & Escalator Maintenance

Lift & Escalator Cleaning & Maintenance

Lifts & Escalators are an essential part of railway and underground Infrastructure, requiring a high standard of maintenance and cleaning to reduce the risk of fire and to assist in making regular maintenance safer.

To address these requirements RJC UK LTD have a dedicated management team, with more than 30 years’ experience in cleaning and maintaining Lifts & Escalators. They lead and support a highly motivated, experienced workforce, who are used to working to stringent deadlines in a specialised environment.

RJC UK LTD have successfully cleaned thousands of Lift & Escalators, providing additional maintenance and ancillary works support. Escalator clients can be assured, that as well as value for money, RJC UK LTD will consistently supply the highest standards of technical ability, safety, quality and reliability.

Tread Cleaning

Additionally, RJC UK LTD currently provide an escalator tread cleaning service and have successfully completed hundreds of escalators.

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